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Satisfy your desire for a break,

Buy from vending machines with the app, enjoy discounts and promotions for your purchases and share credit with your friends and collegues.


Share credit with your friends

Use the app to send small amounts to your contacts: return the money or offer a coffee in 1 click!

Do you have any doubts? Check out our FAQ

I am having trouble connecting to the vending machine

This problem is often related to the Bluetooth of your smartphone. Try to turn off the Bluetooth and the internet connection, wait 10 seconds and turn on both connections. If this operation does not work, fill in the contact form and we will help you.

If you are connecting by approaching your smartphone to the MatiPay external module, you can activate the NFC on your smartphone and you can connect with the “tap”. The NFC chip can be located both at the top or in the bottom of your smartphone, try to move slowly your smartphone to let the module read it correctly.

If you are choosing a vending machine from the list and you cannot figure out at which one you can connect to, please wait a few seconds and you will be able to see the serial number of machines close to you. Alternatively, you can connect with a “tap” at the desired vending machine.

The vending machine did not deliver a drink or a product, but charged money.

If a vending machine did not deliver any product, it is necessary to wait a few seconds, staying connected to the machine, and the money will return to your wallet. If you have disconnected before, send a request of refund through the section “Support” in app.

I do not receive the PIN code during registration

If you are signing up through your phone number, click on “Send again” to receive a new code. Please, make sure your mobile network is working correctly.

If you continue not receiving the PIN via SMS, please fill in the contact form specifying phone number and operator and inform us if you have recently changed one of those.

The app suddenly crashes

Ensure to have updated the app to the latest available version: verify you have the most recent version of the app in your store and update it.

Crashes can also be caused on hacked devices (e.g. “rooted” devices). For security reasons, our systems do not support devices that have been subject to JailBreak/root, now or in the past. Please, use a different device. If this does not solve your problem, please fill in the contact form.

I have never received promotions and reductions, I can't see some features (like Loyalty Stars or Invite friends), I am not able to recharge with PayPal

Our app has many features anche recharge methods, but it is up to your vending operator to activate them or not. If you desire a particular feature or a new recharge method, fill in the contact form and we will inform your operator. We also remind you that you have to manage privacy consents in order to receive promotions and discounts.

The app does not connect to a vending machine, the notification says I have downloaded the wrong app

Actually, it could be true: we have 8 apps that are used by the different vending machine operators. Examine carefully the vending machine you want to connect to and look for the name of the correct app to use.

I have a gift but I am not able to use it

At your next purchase from the vending machine, you will be offered to use your gift. Some machines require user to have the same credit of the free product value. So, make sure you have enough credit in your wallet, which won’t be charged anyway. If this does not solve your problem, please fill in the contact form and we will help you.