In app reports: Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

This guide helps you to solve independently the malfunction you have found. Please read all the points and if you can’t find the answer, write to us following the instructions in the guide.

Do you have a HUAWEI or HONOR device?

  1. Uninstall the app you are trying to access;
  2. Reinstall the app from HUAWEI APP GALLERY;
  3. Access the Play Store > click on your profile icon at the top right > click on MANAGE APP AND DEVICE > click on MANAGE (at the top) > slook for the app “APP NAME” in the app list and open it from the list > click on the three dots at the top right > remove the flag on AUTOMATIC UPDATE.

Unlock code

If you are already registered and you are viewing the in-app page “Set your new unlock code” and you need support, please read the steps below:

  1. Choose the 6-digit combination you prefer;
  2. Do not use the code you received via sms as your personal code;
  3. Confirm the unlock code by entering the same combination you defined in the previous screen.

In addition, we have also introduced biometric authentication, which can be activated and disabled at any time by accessing the “Account” section from the in-app menu and selecting “Security”:

  • If you have iOS operating system you will be able to login with Face ID or Touch ID;
  • If you have an Android operating system you can login with fingerprint or face recognition.

Once you have set the unlock code and logged in, please check in the Account section that the e-mail address associated with your profile is valid, correct and still in use.

If you forget the unlock code you have set, a temporary unlock code will be automatically generated and sent to you by e-mail.  

Please note that:

  • The unlock code is strictly personal. We recommend you to choose a combination that is easy to memorise;
  • Once you have memorised your unlock code, it will be automatically pre-filled in app each time you login;
  • You can reset your unlock code at any time by accessing the “Account” section from the in-app menu and selecting “Security”.

To learn more, read the unlock code guide.


  1. Check that you have installed the latest version of the app available on the store on your smartphone
  2. Update the app to the last version available on the store.

If no updates are available, we ask you to uninstall the app and install it again. Login with your usual data.

Please note that if changes have been made to your device (root or jailbreak), you will not be able to use our app for security reasons. 

Facebook Login

If you can’t login via Facebook, we invite you to login via your phone number.

If you no longer have the pin, click on “send again” and the pin will be delivered to the e-mail address associated with your profile.

Please also check your Spam/Junk mail folder. 

Login with Facebook or Apple ID

If you are logging in with Facebook or Apple ID and your phone number is required and if the login fails because the number you entered is already registered in our system, please login by entering your phone number directly.

Didn’t you receive the PIN? Are you having problems receiving your PIN?

Check in the messages application or on your smartphone and try logging in by entering the phone number used during registration and the pin.

If you can’t login because you didn’t receive the pin, you can require it again:

  1. Click on “Login” and enter the phone number used during the registration.
  2. Click on “Confirm”.
  3. On the next page you will find the text “Send Again” in the bottom right-hand corner.
  4. Click on “Send Again” and you will receive the new pin.

If you also provided your e-mail address during the registration, the new pin will be delivered to the e-mail address.

Please also check your Spam/Junk mail folder.

Please note that the following minimum operating system versions are required for security reasons:

  1. iOS13 for iOS devices
  2. AND 7.0 for ANDROID devices

Update the operating system of your smartphone and install the last version of the app available on the store.

If you can’t update the operating system of your smartphone, please note that you can use the app from another device that has the minimum requirements indicated above.


Did you experience credit problems?  
  • Login to the Support section
  • Click on Credit Problem
  • Select the case you experienced (online recharge, recharge at the sales point, etc)
  • Fill all the required fields

Connection to a sales point

Do you have an Android Smartphone and are you having connection problems to a sales point?
  1. Turn off and on again your smartphone
  2. Disable and enable the Bluetooth
  3. Go to the smartphone settings and check if there are any paired devices via Bluetooth; in this case, delate the paired devices and scan again via the app trying to connect again to the sales point.
Do you have an iOS Smartphone and are you having connection problems to a sales point?
  1. You need to activate the Bluetooth mode and give GPS permits to connect to the sales point.
  2. Check in the settings of your iPhone which permits you gave to the app you are using to connect to the sales point and activate the necessary permits (Bluetooth, localization).

Dismission of the service and Refund

Do you want the complete refund of the credit for inactivity or dismission of service?

Call or send an e-mail to the operator that provide the service at the location where you are purchasing. You can find the contacts information attached to the vending machine.

I didn't solve

If these instructions aren’t’ helpful to solve your problem, send us an e-mail following these indications.
  1. Insert the subject of the e-mail: I DIDN’T SOLVE 
  2. Describe the problem experienced writing as many details as possible
  3. Attach the screenshot or the screen registration of what you experienced
  4. Write your phone number and the e-mail address

To offer you support, it is important for us to receive these data and to have details about the moment it was experienced, otherwise we cannot support you and the request will not be processed.